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Mira Laime
• 12/2/2016
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Mira Laime
• 6/8/2017
You have got to be kidding with this forum. The game is great play and graphics. The cost is ridiculous and Joycity never responds to the players requests, issues or complaints. Too expensive to play and upgrade the powerful ships. I have spent hundreds of dollars on this game. The rewards are worthless. Unaffordable. You think we are all rich. Joycity counts on us becoming Addicted to the game. Which we do. But it is not worth the money it costs. And if you buy a new phone , you can't use your user name anymore or get your fleet back. No no good my friend. Fix these issues. I and many I know are going to delete this damn game. Read the Facebook reviews and complaints buddy. Alot of unsatisfied customers. Especially me. Thanks
• 6/9/2017
This wiki doesn't have anything to do with the company behind the game. Every page here is created by fans of the game, and this Discussions area is meant for fans of the game to get together, but not to get support for the game.

Neither the editors of this wiki's articles nor FANDOM are in any way affiliated with the creators of the game. It's just a site created by players for other players.

So unfortunately, any criticism you leave here won't reach the game company, and it's best to take up problems you encountered in the game directly with their support!
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